Aluminum-coated step index multimode silica fibers
(High OH)
ОКM-600/636AL - ОКM-1000/1060AL
Aluminum-coated step index multimode optical fibers have all the benefits of silica-silica fibers. Additional significant improvements include increased mechanical strength and greater fatigue resistance compared to non-hermetic and polymer-clad fibers (PCS). Their transmittance covers a spectral range of 250 to 1200 nm, and also remains stable in corrosive chemicals that normally react to silica glass. The temperature range is from -196C to +400C .


  • Greatly enhanced resistance to high power laser radiation.
  • Higher core-to-clad ratio and enlarged NA optimized for coupling to high-energy lasers.
  • Better fiber cooling due to the heat-conducting metal coating.
  • Excellent mechanical strength and flexibility compared to polymer coated fibers.
  • The metal coating can be soldered and will not outgas.

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