Bismuth doped fibers
Bismuth-Phosphorus codoped fiber BPDF-SM-5/125-1320 series is specially designed for typical application for amplifiers, lasers, superfluorescent fiber sources operating at 1280-1450nm. BPDF-SM-5/125-1320 has low bending losses. Specially designed for wideband amplification since includes 2 types of BACs.


Bismuth doped fibers


Wavelength range, nm1280 ÷ 1450
Core diameter, µm4.8 ± 0.4
Clad diameter, µm125 ± 5
Coating diameter, µm230 ± 20
Polymer typesilicon rubber
Core NA0.18 ± 0.02
Cutoff wavelength, µm1.15 ± 0.05
Core absorption (1350 nm), dB/m0.5 ± 0.05
Amplification range (-3dB), nm1300 ÷ 1415
Typ. peak gain (@1320 nm), dB/m> 0.18 (Pp < 350mW)
Small signal loss (@1550 nm), dB/kmn/a
Typical laser eff-cy, %> 15% (vs pump power at 1200 nm)
Splice loss with SMF28 (@1310), dB~ 0.3
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