Copper-coated gradient index multimode optical fibers
Copper-coated gradient index multimode optical fibers have increased mechanical strength and greater fatigue resistance compared to non-hermetic and polymer-clad fibers (PCS). Their transmittance covers a spectral range of 1000 to 1600 nm, and also remains stable in corrosive chemicals that normally react to silica glass. The temperature range is from -196C to +600C . Hermetically metal-coated optical fibers are the optimum candidate when used in high vacuum and harsh environmental conditions

  • Better fiber cooling due to the heat-conducting metal coating.
  • Excellent mechanical strength and flexibility compared to polymer coated fibers.
  • The metal coating can be soldered and will not outgas.



Copper-coated gradient index multimode silica fibers




Fiber typeMultimodeMultimodeMultimode
Index profileGradientGradientGradient
Core diameter, µm50 ± 2.550 ± 2.5100 ± 2
Clad diameter, µm125 ± 3200 ± 3140 ± 2
Coating diameter, µm160 ± 10250 ± 10~ 210 ± 10
Cladding offset, %< 3
Coating offset, %< 5
Attenuation at 850/1300 nm1, dB/km~ 13~ 5~ 15
Wavelength range, nm1000 - 1600
Coating materialCopper 99,99%
Core materialSilica Ge-doped
Clad materialPure silica
Additional inner layerCarbon
Numerical Aperture (NA)0.2 ± 0.02
Short-term bending radius60 times the fiber diameters
Long-term bending radius120 times the fiber diameters
Proof test, kpsi100
Min operating temperature2,3, C-196
Max operating temperature (short time < 60s)2, C600
Max operating temperature (long time > 60s)2, C< 400
Permissible rate of temperature change in the temperature range, C/min5
1- under normal climatic conditions
2- in inert environment
3- at the minimum operating temperature, the integrity of the optical fiber is guaranteed
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