Copper-coated single-mode optical fibers
Copper-coated single mode fibers are high strength optical fibers that can be used for both high-temperature and cryogenic applications. Thin additional carbon underlayer is typically added to improve hermetic property of the coating and therefore provide improved mechanical strength. This fiber type is used in sensor systems for biomedicine, oil and gas industry, aircraft applications, high vacuum devices, etc.


  • Higher mechanical strength with respect to polymer coated fibers.
  • Solderable coating allows feeding the fibers into high vacuum systems and provides no outgassing.
  • The temperature range is from -196C to +600C.


Copper coated single-mode optical fiber



Core diameter, µm6.8 ± 0.59.1 ± 0.5
Mode field diameter (Gauss), µm7.5 ± 0.610.0 ± 0.6
Clad diameter, µm125 ± 1125 ± 1
Coating diameter, µm160 ± 5160 ± 5
Fiber typeSingle modeSingle mode
Coating materialCopper / Copper alloyCopper / Copper alloy
Additional inner layerCarbonCarbon
Cladding offset, %< 2< 2
Coating offset, %< 5< 5
Attenuation at 1550 nm1, dB/km< 7< 7
Wavelength range, nm1500 ÷ 16001500 ÷ 1600
Core materialsilica Ge-dopedsilica Ge-doped
Clad materialsilicasilica
Cutoff wavelength, nm< 1450< 1450
Numerical Aperture (NA)0.16 ± 0.020.13 ± 0.02
Δ n0.009 ± 0.0010.005 ± 0.001
Short-term bending radius, mm> 10> 10
Long-term bending radius, mm> 25> 25
Proof test, kpsi100100
Min operating temperature2,3, C-196-196
Max operating temperature (short time < 60s)2, C600600
Max operating temperature (long time > 60s)2, C< 400< 400
Permissible rate of temperature change in the temperature range, C/min55
1- under normal climatic conditions
2- in inert environment
3- at the minimum operating temperature, the integrity of the optical fiber is guaranteed
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