Hard environment FBG

Fiber Bragg Gratings have many applications. FBGs can be used like a sensitive element for high temperature measuring. Faber Bragg gratings are sensitive to temperature changes. Hard environment FBGs can be provided as separated or chain of FBGs with different wavelength. Multy - points temperature monitoring are available by use of chain FBGs. Different types of single mode optical fibers and fibers coating are using for writable. High temperature acrylate coating fibers applying for temperature range up to 150⁰C. Polyimide or metal (Cu, Al) coating fibers are used for high temperature application with maximum temperature 300⁰C and 500⁰C respectively. With using for protection of a steel tube, it is possible to use FBGs up to 700⁰C.





Wavelength range, nm600÷ 2300± 0.1 ÷ ± 1 custom request
Types of fiberSingle-Mode, PM, Double clad, LMAor custom
Wavelength to quick order, nm633, 780, 794, 797, 799, 801, 809, 830, 852, 895, 940, 976, 1030, 1057, 1060, 1064, 1080, 1125, 1150, 1178, 1240, 1270, 1310, 1484,1510 ÷ 1580, 1650, 1900, 1908, 1952, 2300± 0.1 ÷ ± 1 custom request
Reflectivity, %0,5 ÷ 992 ÷ 5 custom request
Bandwidth (WFHM), nm0.15 ÷ 0.8custom request
SLSR, dB~ 8or custom
Maximum tempetrature range, ⁰CUp to 150 (bare fiber or high temperature acrylate coated) Up to 300 (bare fiber or polyimide coated) Up to 500 (bare fiber or aluminium or copper coated) Up to 700 (bare fiber or steel tube)
FBG Pigtail Length, m≥ 0.5or custom
Tensile Strength, kpsi› 100
Optical ConnectorBare fiber, FC/APC, LC/APCor custom
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