Photonics crystal fiber
Recently, a new fiber type of fibers, so-called microstructured or photonic crystal fibers appeared. In this type of fibers there are holes or inclusions of a material with different refractive index in the core and/or in the cladding. New dispersion and nonlinear properties can be observed in such fibers. Most of specific applications of microstructured fibers require own specific structure of the fiber.

The HN-PCF series is specially designed for supercontinuum generation using most popular pump sources – Ti-Sa femtosecond laser and Yb-doped fiber ps or fs lasers.


Fiber ID

MFD, µm

ZDW, nm

Nonlinear coefficient (near ZDW), 1/W×km

Optical loss (800-1600nm), dB/km

Cutoff, nm

HN-PCF-8001.5 ± 0.5800~ 90< 100< 650
HN-PCF-10404.2 ± 0.5900 ÷ 1000~ 10< 30< 1000
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