Ytterbium doped fiber
Photodarkening free Yb-doped DC fiber

Ytterbium doped fiber YDF-DC-10/125 series is designed for operation without any power degradation in a high-peak-power cladding pumped amplifiers. The highest clad absorption over the market allows usage of only 3 m of such fiber (with 976 nm pump) for efficient amplification.


Ytterbium doped fiber


Core diameter, µm10.0 ± 1
Clad diameter, µm127 ± 3
MDF @ 1064nm, µm10.0 ± 1
Clad shapePANDA or octagonal
Core NA0.09 ± 0.01
Clad NA> 0.46
Cutoff wavelength, µm1.05 ± 0.1
Clad absorption (915 nm), dB/m> 1.8
Clad absorption (976 nm), dB/m ~ 5
Core/clad background loss (1150 nm), dB/km< 50
Effective pumping range, µm0.91 - 0.984
Photodarkening resistance> 20 times better compare to the Al2O3-SiO2 Yb-doped fiber
Other parameters including PM version are available on the request
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